Clarks Barristers and Solicitors is now Clarks LLP

While our name has evolved, our website will shortly reflect this as well. Clients both new and present can feel confident that the legal counsel they've come to expect from Clarks, Barristers and Solicitors will be reflected in the service and advice they will experience at Clarks LLP.

At Clarks, we believe that the first three rules of an effective legal practice are: “Know your Client”, “Know Your Client” and “Know Your Client.”

Of course, the opposite applies as well. You would want to get to know us before becoming a client of ours. That is what this site will do. If you are in need of legal services for yourself, if you have been asked to refer a close friend or associate, or if you are a lawyer, attorney or accountant from the United States or from Ontario or Canada following up on various business networking sites such as® or Linked in®, we invite you to take a look at us through this website. Decide for yourself whether we can assist you or your client, associate or close friend in connection their legal needs, or yours; In short – to find out whether you want us to get to know you.

Brothers, Charles, Robert and John Clark founded Clarks on January 1, 1999, after years of partnership or association with other firms in Windsor, Ontario. They were soon joined by William F. Wright, as Counsel. Clarks now has ten professionals – nine lawyers plus Michael Stebila, C.A., an income tax specialist who practices in affiliation with us.

The core of Clarks’ law business is business law. For over 160 years of combined service as members of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the partners and lawyer associates of Clarks have provided client-first legal advice and services to the principals of small and medium sized businesses, charitable institutions and agencies and not for profit organizations.

Working as a team, our lawyer associates, clerks and support staff also provide legal services in all aspects of civil, personal injury and commercial litigation, estate and trust administration, income tax appeals, employment matters, and all aspects of real estate, including mortgaging and condominium governance and management.

We are extremely proud of our lawyer associates, clerks and support staff. We strive to make Clarks an excellent place to work – a reflection of the way we go about our work for our clients. We value your time and ours. We value the cost to you and to those you would refer. Efficiency in both respects is our goal.

Capitalizing on our vast experience, skill and accumulated knowledge, we are confident that we can advise and direct you and those you would refer to your satisfaction and theirs.




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